Green web hosting is internet hosting which involves application of green technologies to the traditional means of web hosting, to make it Eco-friendly. Companies around the world are becoming aware of negative impact of the data center emissions on the environment. As a reason, companies around the world are undertaking various proactive measures to minimize it, which include :

Consumption of less energy : Companies supporting green hosting use energy efficient appliances, thus requiring less computers and other electronic devices. Moreover, recycling and printing of documents is done through the use of solar power. Instead of diesel fuel, back up generators are run on propane gas. Thus, reducing their overall energy consumption in day-to-day business operations.
Renewable energy credits or REC : REC is a tax credit initiated by local taxation authority to promote operation of renewable energy operations. Companies are purchasing these REC Cerificates from electrical companies to reduce their dependence on non-renewable power, hence reducing harmful emissions.
Plantation of trees : To minimize the impact of emissions, trees are being planted for every products and packages sold.

Advantages of Green Web Hosting :

• Developing a healthy atmosphere by naking the companies environment conscious.
• Use of available resources to the fullest.
• Reduced hazardous impact on the environment.
• Better financial management in distant future through use of eco-friendly resources.

Green Web Hosting for all :
Companies and organizations of any size who are eco-conscious and aware towards their role in saving the environment for the future should opt for this service.